What We Do

Solutions HUB

A major challenge that has hampered the development and emancipation of Africa has been imported solutions to our problems. Most of these solutions have failed. Though a variety of factors account for these failures, the lack of indigenous solutions plays a major role. 

The irony of this problem is that, for decades, African universities have been conducting detailed research into a wide array of African problems. Unfortunately, most of these research findings are left on shelves while the would-be beneficiaries remain neglected or receive assistance that isn’t customized to their specific needs.
As a result, we have vulnerable groups who desperately need solutions to pressing problems. On the other hand, we have universities that spend several millions of dollars annually to research into problems. The lack of a linkage between these two groups is the role that NBLC’s Solutions Hub seeks to solve.
Solutions Hub engages different vulnerable groups to identify and prioritise major problems they face. Then we collaborate with the various local universities, review the volumes of research and find the best fit for these problems. We go back to these groups with recommended solutions and train them on the implementation. We then observe, over time, how well these solutions work and give feedback to the universities on what works and what doesn’t. This would make the research more relevant to current existing needs, thus filling the gap. Additionally, the feedback can form a basis for further research.

Training Development

We work with various subject experts to develop customised training content to suit your needs. We develop user-friendly training manuals in various areas that can be used by facilitators to run their .

  1. Training Delivery : We run already developed trainings (see our list of trainings). We also run tailor made trainings to meet your specific needs.  
  2. Facilitation of Training Programmes  

We offer facilitation services for your in-house training programmes. We can facilitate complete trainings or specific sessions within a training. We work with our content and can also take your already developed content and deliver it using creative participatory methods that suit the target audience.


  • Leadership and Management 
    •   Leadership Skills Training 
    •   Communication and Facilitation Skills 
    •   Lobbying, Negotiation and Advocacy  
    •   Coaching and Mentoring Skills Training 
    •   Conflict Management

  • Soft Skills Training 
    •   Presentation Skills Training 
    •   Time Management Training 
    •   Goal Setting  
    •   Managing Meetings  
    •   Managing Teams

  • Entrepreneurship 
    •   Dynamics of entrepreneurship and start-ups 
    •   Managing a start-up 
    •   Financial Planning and Control  
    •   Ownership structure of Small Business  
    •   Marketing of start-ups  
    •   Product development  
    •   Use of social media to boost start-ups 
    •   Business Plan Creation

  • Social Change and Youth Activism  
    •   Human Rights Based Approach trainings 
    •   Advocacy and Campaigning  
    •   Training of Trainers in Facilitation 
    •   Communication and Story telling 
    •   Youth & Women Participation in Governance 
    •   Conflict Management 

  • Health and Nutrition 
    •   Integrated management of childhood illness 
    •   Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) 
    •   Management of Non-communicable diseases 
    •   Nutritional Management of People Living with HIV/AIDS 
    •   Quality Improvement Training of health staff  
    •   Training of Mother to Mother Support Groups. 
    •   Clinical management of severe protein energy malnutrition  
    •   Developing surveillance system for monitoring and evaluation of nutrition indices 

  • Agriculture and Livelihood Trainings  
    •   Setting up a farming enterprise  
    •   Small ruminants rearing 
    •   Poultry farming and management 
    •   Bee keeping 
    •   Grain cultivation 
    •   Value chain management 


Idea Incubation

NBLC also believes that the solution to Africa’s problems lies in the young minds of African entrepreneurs and must be spear-headed by them. One hindrance however is an inability of young people to comprehensively incubate ideas.

Through a series of bar camps, seminars, workshops, informal meetings and one on one counseling sessions, we help participants distill their great ideas into workable formats and we walk them through the potential pitfalls.

We help expand their ideas and guide participants on ways to launch their start-ups in a lean and effective format.

We support clients through:

  • Refinements of ideas and concepts  
  • Business plan development  
  • Profitability assessment. 
  • Operational plans 
  • Exploring funding opportunities